The products of Picnoir are specially created for intensive and sporty activities, and in their intended environments wear is common as is damage, as for example after a fall. To gaurantee you a long and joyful time with our products, we offer an additional service of repair, independent of your right of revocation and legal warranty claims. Dont hesitate to use the service if needed, we will be glad to help you. To help you as quick as possible please follow those two possibilities:

1. For the need of repair through natural wear please send us a description with the needed repairs and a few pictures of the product, if possible pointing to the area that needs repair to By this information, we will tell you as soon as possible if the repair can be made and if we can do it at no cost.

2. For jerseys and t-shirts in the case of abrasion from a fall please send us a description of the damage and of the accident, as well as a few pictures of the product and if possible of the accident to By this information we will tell you as soon as possible if we can replace the product with a new one from the line, or if sold-out with a product of the same model and the same price.

To enjoy the quality of our products over a long period of time we recommend that you note the specific care instructions for every product before washing.