Picnoir story new

Welcome to the world of Picnoir, a place where the boundaries are defined by a passion for biking and an active lifestyle. Here, we present you an exclusive line of clothing dedicated to road biking and daily training. We go beyond just clothing. By coming here, you also open the gates to a community of training, races and trips. Here you join a group of enthusiasts, people not afraid of challenges or pushing their limits.

The name Picnoir comes from the black woodpecker, a bird recognizable by its black feathers and unique red cap on its head. Not only does the woodpecker demonstrate elegance and class, it is also hardworking, resourceful, helpful to others and loves to travel – just like us! Inspired by its qualities and appearance, our line of clothing and the people from within our world can be identified by a unique colorful stripe.

Picnoir was created by cyclists, for cyclists. Regular training, hard work and endless preparation for the biking season pursued by those aiming beyond the horizon and seeing the need to fulfill every day have laid the foundations for our brand. The idea for our cyclists’ haven arose over several cups of coffee, enjoyed after countless kilometres on the road.

With this in mind, every product under the wings of Picnoir has been considered in great detail, looking to achieve repetitive comfort and style while never compromising functionality. We have pursued an arduous trail to perfection, making multiple corrections after endless tests in different conditions and at all levels of difficulty and ability.

We approach our process of development the same way we approach the finish line, with a desire for perfection. With any given product we’ve approached this finish line numerous times, continuously modifying our line from ideas gathered in testing. When buying our products, you can be sure that you are receiving quality, comfortable, durable clothing that we have designed with you in mind, so that you can tackle your goals unhindered.

For the creators of Picnoir, the road bike is an extension of the body. To us, peddling is like breathing, and planning for the season is executed with a sense of urgency. We are trainers, competitors and entrepreneurs who, like you, love physical activity, comfort and the satisfaction of pushing yourself to the limit – especially on bikes.