Intensive Training
Collection designed for intensity and high intensity cycling training. The key features include light material ensuring a high level of air circulation effectively wicking the moisture. The products also guarantee comfort during bad and changing weather conditions.

Long distance
This collection was designed with a long bike workout in mind. Its key feature is marrying thicker structure of Lycra with light and airy panels. Thanks to this combination your body can keep the right temperature even at high exhaustion. The shorts’ inserts ensure comfort thanks to their soft, flexible structure.

Pro Race
Products dedicated to high-intensity rides and races, where every pound of equipment matters. The collection is dominated by thin and airy fabrics, which increase comfort and make you feel light. The actual weight of the products is trimmed thanks to the elimination of excessive materials and unnecessary elements.

Indoor Training
A collection designed with complex cycling prep in mind. These are the crucial products necessary for your complimentary gym training. The outfits we offer allow you for a full scope of movements for any exercise.