About us


The Picnoir brand was started in late 2017 in Berlin, after many months spent thinking over cups of coffee, on trips searching for the best materials, on the bike testing the durability and functionality of the materials chosen, and continuously adding creative new ideas to grow the concept.
Jedrzej Wachowiak founded Picnoir from inspiration gathered over ten years working with competitive cyclists and long-distance athletes. Others behind Picnoir come from around the world and are all connected by a common passion for cycling. Together we care to enable two-wheeled enthusiasts to reach their biking or racing goals, both by providing comfortable, functional apparel and our services.

The first step in developing the brand was an online store, which sells not only clothing for road training, but also clothes to wear indoors for strength and stability training. To a group who understands the year-round training and preparation needed for the cycling season, this cross-training approach was missing in the market. At Picnoir, cycling is a way of life, and to this way of life we have dedicated our city line of clothing, meant to be worn comfortably around town. All of our products are predominantly black and designed in a unique, Berlin style. These are only the beginnings of our journey, over which we hope to grow our color game, bring in new collections and meet each other at races.



All of the clothing and accessories under Picnoir’s wings were made in Europe. The producers of the high quality materials that make up the apparel are also European. In the process of developing our brand, particular attention was paid to the methods in which the materials and designs were constructed, as well as to ensuring the overall process was friendly to the environment. All of our packaging is intended for recycled use. Often riding outdoors, we value the beautiful nature around. These values were incorporated into our brand.